LocationSea of Mourning

Urêthîn is an island of Necrocrypt. Urêthîn's broken landscape has many hot springs and steaming pools. Most of these are poisonous and fed by geysers. The volcano that created the island collapsed long ago. When it crumbled inward, it created the Gizronâs channel. This led to the separation from the mainland of a landmass which came to be called Urêthîn.

The island is plagued with undead, much like the others areas of Necrocrypt. Some lurk in the pools, waiting to ambush anything that comes near them. Some of these undead are outside of necromantic control, as such they are a threat to both travellers and Black Tide's minions.

Like the other islands of this region, this place is claimed by the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. The largest settlement on Urêthîn is the port city of Mularûn.