Knur Slagming Hollow Predator

Purple Dragon
AliasHollow Predator

Knur Slagming, is Giant for Hollow Predator. It is a grassy plain of Grashakh's Inirthak sector. The most notable feature of the plain are hundreds of big and small holes puncturing the landscape. In the Third Dragon Wake (1575 HE - 1576 HE), the larger holes served as the egress point for raging purple dragons. These creatures of the Underdark, driven by the Dragon Wake frenzy, flew up from the dark reaches of Imgangreth and laid waste to the land above. It was not a calculated attack on whatever they came across, just a yearning for destruction.

In the Second Epoch, the Githirmil began claiming this open plain under the flag of the Orchish Empire. To them, it looked like a virgin area that had never seen settlement by axe and spade. They were soon to learn that the area was untamed and unoccupied by peoples because it was the plate for things below. The holes in Knur Slagming dive deep into the Underdark with most opening up over the Cthorgo sea. At night, creatures of the Underdark like giant bats, stirges, sometimes a purple dragon, and other flying predators come up through these shafts seeking out the night's meal.

The holes dotting Knur Slagming vary in size, with the smallest 10' across and largest up to a half a mile in rough diameter. Those with an understanding of rock and digging say that for the most part, these holes are the result of purple worms and other Underdark burrowers. These holes go by a number of names, with Phalgas's Eyelids being the most used. The Githirmil have their own word for them - Gruumsh's Spittoons.

Knur Slagming is a rich grain belt, supplying foodstuffs for the Orchish Empire's Inirthak's holds.

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