Skinaeres Sanctum

Built2 Artifice 9026 GE

Beneath the demon built citadel Hezvix is a deep prison complex with dozens of levels. It is named after a marilith named Skinaere. This demon was a master at building fortifications, and a consummate torturer. In the Demon Spawn War, she built many prisons. With a staff of cunning accountants, most came at the expense of her employers, with money siphoned off the general expense of the project around it.

In the Demon Spawn War, Skinaeres Sanctum was deemed the worst prison to be sent to. It saw so much torture and agony that by war's end it was a place cursed, plagued with wracked spirits, groaning spirits, and ghosts of terrible power. Today, much of the place is sealed off for the psychic trauma it can cause. It is such a dangerous place, that annually Krumisbar sends a team up to inspect the prison's wards. They are no friends of the place's owner, the Umahanbad with their open slavery and wicked ways, yet the holy advisors and their contractors put aside their differences when it comes to securing the prison.