Siege of Thular-Tûr

Theater of Operations
Period995 - 996
First Khazarkar Empire VS Burterinii

A battle of the Conclave War, on 2 War March 995, the Khazarkar Empire besieged Thular-Tûr. Lasting over a year, it was a bitter siege. Seeking to bring a end to what was an embarrassing siege for the empire's nascent rulers, the Eldritch Conclave, they turned to more forceful and dangerous measures. They fielded web weavers in teams. Bolstering the magical onslaught with the arcane energy of the Web, they unleashed a magical storm that wrought great destruction on both sides. The heart of the magical storm, Thular-Tûr was made a ruin.

Today, the magical storm that wrecked Thular-Tûr hovers over an area named Stormwrack.

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