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On the Pillar of Horns, the deck under the main deck is called First Deck. On this deck, there are a cluster of rooms at the Pillar's stern which serve as the captain's quarters. The largest of these rooms is the captain's office. On most ships, this room would also serve as the captain's quarters. The Pillar is so large that a lot of the ship's crew have their own cabins. Some of these cabins can berth up to ten people. The higher-ranking crew members have their own cabins. There are practical reasons for boxing off the ship instead of having open barracks. It comes from the threat of enemies sneaking aboard ships and then blasting large numbers of your sleeping crew with deadly spells.

1) Captain's Office

Facing out the stern, under the Kuralda Bulwark. The captain's office is spartan-like, with nine grand panes of glass facing to stern. There is another item of beauty in this otherwise empty room. It is Rax's desk, a gift from his wife of 329 years. It is a desk from the time of the Abâthigûr empire. This Durkoth empire ruled Necrocrypt long before the coming of the Black Tide, yet they are connected. This connection comes from Thasmudyan. Before he became a god, during the period when the First Khazarkar Empire was still in Gulimbor, Thasmudyan was a mortal Khazarkar that thirsted for greater power. He delved into the island's ruins finding the forgotten lore of Molakh-Búle. Using this former Lord of Necrocrypt's books, he found a way to become a lich. This made his thirst for greatness all the worse. A group of heroes, convinced by Katrana Hlothuru, her maiden name before the 1503 union with Rax, took to worshiping Thasmudyan. When they became the leaders of the Black Tide empire, they became the most powerful force of Thasmudyan on Bal-Kriav. They played a huge part in elevating his divine status and spreading his gospel across the realm. Rax's Abâthigûrian rosewood desk is over 3,000 years old, of considerable historical and monetary value, yet these are not the reasons why both Rax and Katrana love this desk. Instead, it is the fact that it once belonged to their nemesis Ta'khar.

2) Captain's bedroom

3) Rejuvenation Chamber

Houses the negative energy healing device - Frosvirk Sarcophagus

Two minotaur guards stand outside his door. They step aside, and the right-hand one unlocks the door. She listens intently, her keen ears picking up the faint sound of crackling as a ward is disarmed. The left-hard guard opens the door, letting pass one of only a handful of people allowed in Rax's "bed chamber."

- from the Godspawn Saga

4) Daojin's bedroom

Daojin, in a room across from his captain's, hears the call. He rises from a mound of dirt and stone chips, a resting state for his kind. Just as standing takes energy for those of flesh and blood, so does holding a form for an elemental. He becomes a pseudopod with a multitude of eyes, scanning the room and its walls, which are embedded with thousands of gemstones. On sandstone shelves, neatly aligned, are specimens from his rock collection. These have been collected over two centuries of service to Rax, on travels across this world and others.

- from the Godspawn Saga

5) Captain's Passage
This hallway leads to the captain's personnel chambers, along with a few other rooms reserved for Rax's most trusted advisors. The hallway is decorated with richly carved panels that Rax finds more fitting in a palace or nobles' home than on a ship of war.
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