Kuralda Bulwark The Bulwark

LocationPillar of Horns
AliasThe Bulwark
Built6 War March 1828

The stern house of the Pillar of Horns is like a fortification you would find on a castle – blockhouses, parapets, firing slits, and levels unreachable unless you fight through a series of chambers. It protects the wheelhouse, steering, and the shortest route to the important areas of the ship, the captain’s quarters, the arcane labs, and the engine rooms.

When the Pillar left for the Cinazan Front, it was simply called The Bulwark. Some got to calling it the Kuralda Bulwark after the Pillar’s former commander of the marines, a Lix Tetrax soldier named Kuralda, put up a heroic last stand against Otroki’s forces. This was the first air battle between forces out of Griddrir and the Pillar of Horns, in what has become known as the Battle of the Weathermaker's Embrace.

In a blockhouse of the Kuralda Bulwark, the three top commanders of the Pillar approach a cylinder hole in the deck. It is a vertical access shaft that goes all the way to the cargo hold. By sliding down ropes, crew can reach the ship’s seven decks much quicker than going through flights of stairs. When crew are not using them, they are used to move equipment and supplies about.

- from the Godspawn Saga

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