In the later years of the Creation War, this marshy delta became the home of several hundred bullywug. These were the descendants of marine units that had once served under Thjorygg. When Thjorygg moved on to more strategically important sectors, he left behind a garrison to watch over Thor Har's shipyards. Forgotten, or no longer important by the primordials, these ex-soldiers left an area that was inhospitable to their kind. They went west along the coasts to the muggy, bug infested wetlands of Saeming.

In the Demon Spawn War, when it suited them, Saeming's bullywug served on the side of the demons fighting around Mizzen. When the demon's fortunes turned, they switched sides; joining the Covenant under the old adage 'A enemy of my enemy is my friend'.

Since the founding of Sel√Ľn, Elderaunts have been building outposts, lighthouses and fortresses in this area. This was done to protect the mouth of the Knaevan, protecting river-borne trade, and expeditions into the interior. They helped thwart bullywug attacks on shipping and tried to keep the area from becoming a pirate's nest. When the Waterhaven Channel was opened, it greatly increased the amount of water flowing down the river Knaevan. A few years later, Saeming had doubled in size. Many of the area's trade stations, lighthouses and policing structures were submerged, eroded such that they were abandoned to the area's frequent flooding, and made to be of little strategic value.