Energy Converter Arhidine

Typeorganism, ship engine
Cost80,000 GP

Asoun is a brilliant-minded primordial. He created a specialized jelly-like organism that he called Arhidine. In exchange for allowing it to leech his own life energy, it would serve as a vessel for storing arcane energy. Being immune to magic, incapable of channeling arcane energy through his body, Asoun's creations were needed so that he could use magic through them - all he had to do was attach them to his body and he could call upon the arcane energy in them. Thousands of years later, these organisms were re-discovered. They got the name energy converters because someone figured out how to use them, by feeding them, you could make them rise up and down and move about. This eventually led to their use in flight.

Arhidine engines are used to power skyships and voidships. They get their power by taking the energy cast into the engine, like spells, or even throwing in a living or undead creature whereby their energy is converted into arcane energy. For those who use the life energy method, they sometimes call these lifejammer engines. Using magic to power these engines is the least efficient method. Living things with their life energy, and undead with their negative energy are the most efficient means of powering Arhidine engines.

These types of engines are widely used. Some examples of ships that have them are Harvesters, the Hollow of Sargos, and craft of the Arachnidion Empire.

Normal Power Source