Giant Chaos Scorpion

Ma'rya is on the leeward side of the Felakgathar Range. It is an area sheltered from the easterly moist winds coming in from Vhurghad's resulting in a dry belt of land some 50 miles wide and hundreds of miles north and south. This arid area also suffers from the winds that make it through Felakgathar, devoid of moisture, these winds are often laden with noxious smoke and dangerous gases.

In addition to normal desert dwelling creatures, Ma'rya is home to sand howlers, leucrotta, massive dire camels and giant chaos scorpions. The latter two of this group were brought here in the Creation War with the Covenant using the camels as pack animals and steeds and the primordials introducing chaos scorpions to prune the camel population. In the next era, during the Demon Spawn War, demons had leucrotta in some of their scouting units, while the sand howlers were used by those on the angelic side. Those that escaped death in fights, were driven off or were abandoned to the wild remained in the area. Travellers to the area often view the cunning leucrotta and the packs of sand howlers as more dangerous than the lone chaos scorpion out looking for its next meal.

Notable Areas