Tal'pok - Yandôr

Northeast of Klak-tak are the hills of Tal'pok. The Thri-kreen of this area are descendants of the Auhtai that fled Cha-ka and other settlements. They take no shame in the fact they regressed, becoming nomadic hunters over civilization builders. Like others of the region, they are threatened by Hive Swarms. Nearly wiped out in the Horgon Era, they learned the ways of each species of bug, the hunted became the hunters. Today, they have no want of food, and much sought after when a Hive Swarm threatens the civilizations of Azrik. The only thing the thri-kreen of Tal'pok lack is a steady source of water. With little rainfall in this area, they get what they need by subterrrean trade. Barrels of water exchanged for crates of well-preserved food, parts of giant insects, spiced and baked, a great delicacy for many of the subterranean realm below.