Taldrath is a volatile volcanic cavern of central Faeglor. It has one large volcano, which may in thousands of years from now, break the surface and spew lava into central Cinazan. Taldrath has gas vents, geysers and lava flows, making it a very dangerous place to travel to those unaccustomed to such high heat and noxious gases. The volcano of the area is called Geimmar. It was named after a powerful Thraedli sorcerer of Frosvirk. The most dangerous aspect of Taldrath is the confined area which affords no area of safety for the intense heat and pressure created when Geimmar erupts.

The heat of Taldrath bakes the surface lands above it. This surface area is called Skjald. Smoke and gases from Taldrath seep up through shafts and sink holes into this charred wasteland. Taldrath's eastern caverns open to the surface. This surface area is the northern part of Izen'nĂ¢th; it is just as volcanic and volatile as Taldrath.

Notable Areas
  • Geimmar