Niraat Rahn Prey Pass

RegionHells Womb
AliasesPrey Pass

Niraat Rahn is a northern pass that cuts through the cloud-capped peaks of Lok Kreniik, linking Hells Womb with the Aerie of Dragons. It holds the best road, the Tun Sahsir, and quickest route for traffic to move between Paradomea City or Vrak-Tror east to Gaard Goraag. Even though it is a heavily used route, the pass is very dangerous with many ruined keeps and towers and a few standing ones garrisoned by Ag Envok in the east and the Tormoran Federation in the west. Paradomea also has strongholds in the northern mountains overlooking this area. These are here to protect their mercantile interest and make some effort in keeping the peace between their more unstable neighbors.

Niraat Rahn has seen many armies march through it and battles fought in it. In the God Era, the armies of Asmodeus marched through this area, battling demons all along the way. They joined up with forces under Bahamut at Enkii Mah, starting the Hoof Front. In this war, Niraat Rahn was a lifeline for supplies and reinforcements coming in from Hells Womb.

In the reign of the Zeymah'kein Empire, Kriistvrii soldiers marched through the valley into Hells Womb, establishing bastions, and pushing their borders and for a time bringing law to the region.

In the Second Epoch, the Black Tide tried to open a trade route through the valley. This effort was stopped by the Pruziig Sken; a holy order that has long sought to keep evil out of the pass.

Notable Areas