Devgwer Humps

RegionTroll Bogs

These hills of northwestern Ara'phis were created late in the Horgon Era when an island called the Ark of Devgwer collided with the continent Brucrumus. This impact pushed up the ground creating earthen mounds, fields of rock, and coils of mithril; a jumble mass that some geologists might find hard to label as hills. The coils of mithril are one of the most interesting features of the Devgwer Humps. They are rune-carved mithril rings of immense size, relics of the Creation War created by the Nawirrûs Covenant as a way of stopping magical and psionic movement. They were used around vaults and other important areas to prevent entering them by modes special movements like dimension doors, teleportation and etherealness.

Like the Tiyalashe plains to the east, the Devgwer Humps are where dinosaurs run amok. The few attempts to salvage relics from this area, like the mithril coils, have all ended badly.