Thrones of Power

Typeempire lore

The power center of some nations is sometimes referred to by a throne name. Even if a nation is run like by a council, the term is used to generally refer to name of those making the decisions for the nation.

Many of these thrones are magical, offering an array of protections and powers for the one seated in it. For obvious reasons, they are usually attuned to a particular person. The most common powers of the thrones are detection magic - lies, invisibility, true seeing, etc. Some have power spells that can protect those seated in, like lightning storm, wail of the groaning spirit, prismatic sphere, anti-magic shell, disintegration, and so on.

Notable Thrones of Power

Throne NameAuthorityOther
Glacial ThroneArtaxertusnamed for the icy region around it
Inverted ThroneKhazarkar Empiretermed during the time of the Belkazim
Moonstone ThroneGriddrirnamed for what its made of
Pumice ThroneCinderfallnamed for the volcanic region around it
The Final StepDrachmonnamed as a slight to the prisoner inside of it
The Nine ThronesParadomeanamed for the Council of Nine
Throne of Broken TusksBa'lithnamed for the elephant tusks used in its construction