The Character

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Typecharacter building

Questions to ask when making up your character.

What race are you?

Race will determine common homelands. You don't have to be from these, but should have a solid reason why you were raised somewhere else - perhaps part of merchant caravan, nomads, conflict chattel, etc.

Where are you from?

Pick a common homeland under your race - or whatever you like. Rare things are possible, like a kenku born and raised in a subterranean city - it can make for good story telling. Some races are restricted to where they were born, like the Pyrmidian Ghouls with a particular Pyramids of Power serving as the places of their creation.

Birthplace will determine other languages you may know. Peoples in close contact for long periods of time tend to know the languages of the peoples around them.

Do you do religion, if so, what Higher Power(s) do you beseech?

Worshipping a Higher Power for strength, luck, the arcane or access to special domains (priests) garners some boons. This faith has to be sincere and not something needed in a pinch, otherwise the divine energy does not flow between the Higher Power's realm and the godly pawn.