Coronet of the Concubine

ForgeMind of Mortelas

Crafted at the Mind of Mortelas, one of the three forge temples of the vale of Begnhidrir, this magical coronet was made to influence the will of others. It was used in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), turning the war in another direction whenever it got to close to the affairs of a maddening seductive cambion named Khaarane. Only one person, she couldn't be everywhere carrying out change or garnering influence, so she created the Coronets of the Concubine. They were to help sway the Covenant and the Abyssal Hegemony, keeping them out of the lands of her growing flock. When Khaarane, now known better as The Concubine, left for a higher calling, her three coronets were left to those still out on assignments.

In 708 LE, a slave joined the circle of lovers to an influential Goliath shaman. Wearing the Coronet of the Concubine, along with passion and seduction, words subtle and convincing, she convinced him to move their people far south to an area of ancient temples and great hunting grounds. Those against this uprooting of several thousand, were only to be convinced. In 714 LE, in the midst of the Temples of Begnhidrir, they put down stakes for the settlement of Hel, its pleasure houses, shrines to The Concubine.

In the Horgon Era, a Coronet of the Concubine found its way into the harem of Kelksorli, King of the Hofthorm Monarchy. It wearer had considerable influence, helping make laws, through the mouth of Kelksorli, relaxing the laws around prostitution and opening up religious choices beyond just Surtur. One of those that moved in with this ruling was the cult of The Concubine.

Seduction charm any sentient (Will DC15 + wearer's will modifier). This has the potential to affect even those immune or resistant to mind-influence effects. The target loses 1% of this resistance per round in the presence of the wearer of the Coronet of the Concubine. Recovery of said resistance occurs at the same rate after leaving the presence of the coronet wearer. The charm can be broken by will of the coronet wearer. Every day the charmed gets another save at a cumulative -2. This can be brought down -1/round if it the seduction is applied during acts of love between coronet wearer and target1/day
Flawless Beauty +5 enchantment bonus to charisma and comelinesscontinuous
Untraceable Item the coronet is invisible to all but those charmed. To those that cannot see it, it can only be detected by physical touchcontinuous
Forge Curse coronet wearer has -5 on saves vs mind-influencing effectscontinuous
Durable the item can only be destroyed in the fires of the forge that created itcontinuous