Clumsy Titan

ForgeHeart of Mephi'khar

This coiled mithril ring is set with a piece of Lapis Ice taken from the deeps of an Ice Cap glacial bed.

The blue ice at the very bottom of Ice Cap is subjected to a lot of pressure from the hundreds of feet of ice above it. It is also infused with traces of magical energy, much like all the blue ice found in the region. The magical energy that flows through Ice Cap is a product of the emanations from the Cube of Arcane. The pressure and magical energy cause some of this ice to become Lapis Ice. It is hard as stone and superb for holding magicks.

- Kizur Zûd, Tarkand Headmaster of the Arcane - "Dweomercraft with Lapis Ice"

Clusmy Titan was crafted at the Heart of Mephi'khar; one of three crafting sites known collectively as the Temples of Begnhidrir. This ring, like all magical items forged here, is either tainted or cursed, or both. These negatives are caused by the elemental flames of the temple's cauldron and unholy energy leftover from the time when the temples were used in destroying souls.

The ring provides great strength, that of a titan, yet also makes the wearer very clumsy. Since the item is cursed, it cannot be removed without the use of a break enchantment or greater spell. The strength and dexterity provided by the ring override any strength or dexterity provided by other magic items.

Titan Blood wearer strength increased to 37continuous
Temple Taint wearer dexterity reduced to a score of 2continuous
Old Purpose a killing blow utterly destroys the victim's soul (Fortitude DC22 to resist)continuous