Hades Blessing

SmithRanur Bataran

There were five of these battle-axes made. The last head priest of Gravestone Gates had them forged for his top battle priests. The leader and each of these commanders fell in the Siege of Gravestone Gates. Since they were religions weapons dedicated to Hades, the Black Tide leader Katrana ordered them destroyed. This did not happen, with someone in Black Banner more interested in how much they good get for them in Paradomea City.

Each of the Hades Blessing axes are shaped like a weaponized spade and function the same whether it be cutting through flesh or digging a grave. On one side of the spade head is a ornate design of a black ram (symbol of Hades) and the other a depiction of a shallow open grave. The weapons got most of their power when they were forged with grave dirt taken from the Hall of Hades. One legend has it that the grave dirt was not freely given by the Caretakers and that they required putting a servant of Thasmudyan to rest in the Hall of Hades. The Dead Council have used this unproven legend to explain why they tried to wipe out worship of Hades in the Grim Harvest Crusade (1462 - 1464) and then in the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). During the defense of Gravestone Gates, the Death Lord Harion wielded a more powerful version of the Hades Blessing. This weapon was taken personally back by Katrana and turned over to Thasmudyan.

Hades Blessing is a +4 cold-wrought iron flaming battle-axe.

LanguagesNidurrĂ¢b, Tragaran
Ashes to Ashesany creature killed by the weapon is engulfed in fire, leaving only ashcontinuous
Cleanse Apostateshoot a jet of flame to 30' x 5' wide causing 3-36hps of damage (Reflex DC25)1/day
Reveal Resting Placedetect secret doors upon concentration, 30' radiuscontinuous
Gloom Wall Ticketas Destruction spell on touch (Fortitude DC25)1/week