Jafknarri Groi


Jafknarri Groi is a road down cutting down the cliffs of Diiv Prok. The Jafknarri stone giants built it over six decades, following a groove in the petrified body of Golruwyrm. One legend says that this groove is a mortal wound suffered by Golruwyrm in her fight with the twin primordial lords Morterand and Mordemin. Up until the Fall of Stygnhild the Jafknarri blocked use of the road. After this battle, the stone giants were forced to stop blocking the road and instead charge reasonable tolls for its usage.

From the top of Diiv Prok, Jafknarri Groi is fifteen miles west of Gothmak. It descends from the cliffs for ten miles ending in dunes of the Sands of Hell. At the bottom the road is about five miles west of Viiz Bo where it begins its flow across the desert.