Alignmentchaotic neutral

Skullcracker is an Ackairon serving the Ba'lith empire. He is called Skullcracker because in the arenas, he was known to use his bill to crack opponent's skulls. His real name is like that of other Ackairons, something made up of clicks and chirps rather than words.

As part of Ba'lith's air corps, he served under Talon for two years. On a routine scouting mission into the Kimaris highlands, he was caught alone by an avian predator, a carnathin, a sort of flying squirrel the size of a horse. Late in the season, their diet changes from nuts and berries to meat. The result is a cull of their own population, and a dangerous time for others to be in their range. Skullcracker lost a wing and an eye in that fight.

In the Cinazan Front, he served as the forward gunnery captain on the Pillar of Horns. Aboard this voidship, some have taken to calling him Scope. This is because his only remaining eye is as good as that of any Ackairon with hawk-like features.

He focuses his eye, enhanced with a magical lens, yelling out, "Gun Six, 32 degrees, 300 yards; Gun Fourteen, 120 degrees, 150 yards; rest of you, reduce fire to half!"

- from the Godspawn Saga