Heel of Atlas

Typewar hammer
LocationZytra Baenghym

Atlas forged this warhammer out of frystalline taken from a mountain cave in the newly formed world Eronia, of the Elysium system. Lacking the magical skills to make an epic item, he turned the enchanting over to his friend Ptah. Atlas lost the weapon in one of the battles to take Kodgroar. A chasme demon then lost the Heel of Atlas while flying over the dreary wetlands east of Kodgroar. The chasme was assailed by a pair of throne archons, forcing the demon to drop the coffer and its contents into a bog. Thousands of years later, in 1834, adventurers of Trauma Squad recovered the coffer and its most prized contents - the Heel of Atlas.

The Heel of Atlas is a +6 holy warhammer.

Atlas Toss when thrown a hit results in a thunderclap causing 10d6 sonic damage(no saving throw), the target must also make a Fortitude DC20 or be stunned for 1-4 rounds, the weapon does not return when thrown1/turn
Divine Blessing constructed of frystalline, treated as good-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reductioncontinuous
Holyas Holy special abilitycontinuous
Oversizedweapon is one size category larger than normal for damage, yet wields normallycontinuous
Walk as Him when wielded, adds +5 divine bonus to strengthcontinuous