Rôzadruk - Celedhrel

Rôzadruk is a large temperate forest of Celedhrel. In its northern tracts near Ulbarinâth, it is wild and dangerous, home to malevolent Treant, green dragons, quicklings, and generally non-good fey. The green dragons are descendants of Dil'lufeykro; an ancient beast that once ruled over the unnatural jungle surrounding the Sea Breach. The central part of Rôzadruk is home to many giant sloths. These tough creatures, sometimes caught and trained as mounts, have few predators.

Rôzadruk spills down into and across the wetlands of Drenvun. In this area the density of trees and thickness of the vines are used by creatures to get into or come out of the depression. Over the ages, many threats have debauched from the forest, from half-illithid lizard generals to slave armies out of the subterranean empire Âkhi.