Silt Fist Barricade

ForgeKilns of Gallo-Bagd

In the Creation War, the Dezellâm used powdered deep crystal along with ceramic to make very strong shields. The material they had invented was ceratimus. They used these ceratimus shields when they went out to harvest deep crystals from the bodies of xorn. These xorn grow deep crystals on their bodies, like a cyst would grow from flesh. Harvesting the material from the xorn requires killing or subduing them. Being pacifist, the Dezellâm took the subdual route. In the process of getting the deep crystals, weapons would be devoured and limbs would be lost to the xorn's crushing maw. When they starting outfitting their harvesters with ceratimus the xorn became much easier to handle. This is because ceratimus, made with the xorn's crystal cysts, is like poison to them.

The greatest ceratimus shield made by the Dezellâm is the Silt Fist Barricade. It was made by a smith serving the Silt Fist Legion. This shield can unleash blast of sand and envelop the area around the bearer in a sand storm rivaling the great stand storms of the Sands of Hell.

The Silt Fist Barricade is a +5 ceratimus round shield. The front of it is emblazoned with the unit symbol of the Silt Fist Legion.

Bolstered Ceratimus Resistance energy resistance - electricity 30 continuous
Dezellâm Camouflage +10 to hide in deserts continuous
Sandstorm powerful sandstorm affecting all 10' from the wielder and out to 200', lasts 1 round/level1/day
Sand Blast as maximized fireball and gust of wind, but with damage caused by moisture absorbing winds and flesh-stripping and bone-bleaching sand2/day