Kesk Lein World Rib, The Talons

Kesk Lein
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesWorld Rib, The Talons
MapKesk Lein Highlands

Kesk Lein, Draconic for World Rib, is a vast area of rocky outcroppings with a sinister and unnatural appearance. The spires of rocks are sometimes referred to as The Talons. There are countless slender pinnacles of rock, along with many massive jagged spires the size of lone mountains. From the west, Kesk Lein begins at Sosin Luv and then crosses almost 2,000 miles of landscape to Morwuld Briin. Even in the depths of this ocean, the spires continue northeast, then up the sea floor to the continent Amachan. They continue across this continent for thousands of miles until disappearing into an unknown jungle.

The spires of Kesk Lein are perfect lairs for the flying predators of the Aerie of Dragons. There are innumerable caves and tunnels in them. These have been built over thousands of years by monsters and others seeking a remote abode or to mine out resources inside them. The terrain between the outcroppings is often rugged with broken ground, piles of rubble, and wetlands. Some of the wetlands are no more than fetid pools holding terrors like water wierds and mud slaadi. The largest population of monsters around Kesk Lein are death dogs. These two-headed magical beasts were created long ago by Mir'piamauza. The experiments that led to the creation of these monsters also resulted in some that could breed and produce more of their kind. As a result, there are tens of thousands of these creatures lurking in hidden burrows and caves. Long ago, mud slaadi were summoned to Bal-Kriav by Zeymah'kein wizards. They were to help cull the area's growing death dog population. Today, both death dogs and mud slaadi exist in many areas near the World Rib.

Notable Areas