Ogremoch Mesa


The Ogremoch Mesa is an unnatural plateau surrounded by mounds of earth and spires of rock. The spires frequently give way to landslides; most are a product of the instability of the area with its daily tremors and occasional earthquakes. Inside the ever-changing plateau is an open rift to the world Granitoid. From the Togomud Sink rift, elemental matter continuously spills into the area around. Like the causeways of a dam, these rivers of mud, sand and rock are directed outwards. The largest of these rivers of alien matter is the Mud Flow.

Ogremoch Mesa grows in mass and height with each passing decade. Since the opening of Togomud Sink in 1687, the plateau has reached a height of 3,400 feet.

Tachylyte, capital of Rilirthad, is sited atop this plateau. The walls of this city are built like a series of steps, each a great canal redirecting the churning mud and rock away from the city.

Notable Areas