Unausprechlin Kulten

LocationDark Rite Library

The Unausprechlin Kulten is an ancient tome, penned ages ago by a Durkoth mage named Kulten. It is a huge book covered in the hide of an ancient black wyrm. It has been soaked in the foul blood of a vrock, the burning urine of a cornugon, the acidic offal of a death slaad, the smoldering heart of a mezzoloth, sprinkled in the dust of one hundred wights, and secured with two bands of brass ripped from the Royal Gates of the City of Brass.

The cover glows with chilling white runes that waver under moonlight. The massive book is 12" high, 24" long and 18" wide. It weighs 50lbs, is reputed to be untouchable by a creature of naked goodness, and is said that a blow from the foul text will annihilate the most noble of good creatures.

The text contains the ancient rites and prayers to the last Saints of Maen, It also has spells for summoning abyssal fiends. The more dastardly rites are said to call up terrors from Zen'nêlkhush.

One of the foulest creatures of the seas is the Abomination of Nizgik. This creature was once Durkoth, but suffered through a magical transformation that went wild. The beast now looks like a monstrous sea serpent with a vaguely Durkoth head. The sight of this grisly serpent is horrifying, the smell though is something you will never forget. It is the most putrid odor imaginable and burns the senses.

- Abâthigûr merchant journal - "Sighting the Abomination of Nizgik"

The Unausprechlin Kulten also gives a brief history of Sussgurd and Theegan worship on Osâchar. On this world, these humanoids worshiped the Old Ones. Seeking to eliminate their influence with the mortals, the Saints of Maen banished this race, sending their vast cities into the sea. The Old Ones were sealed in their watery cities, shadows of their former power, waiting for the time when something can come along and free them. Some believe that these Old Ones cursed those that imprisoned them, because centuries later the Durkoth suffered the same fate as the Old Ones in the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE).

The book also contains cryptic rites for summoning Durkoth in stasis - many of these rites have astrological, seasonal and weather requirements. One such rite requires it to be the Day of Bleakness when there is no light and a storm of chaos abounds - whereupon ten by ten of the ancient masters will emerge from Zen'nêlkhush to do their summoner's bidding.

The middle part of the text describes numerous undead types and their weaknesses and powers. It provides the makings of a wand of conjuration and the bag of bones. It also holds numerous necromantic spells.

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