Typemonster lore

The first brainuses came from the primordial Nakh-Zennîm. They started as eggs, floating in the Void, eventually pulled to the surface of moons and worlds.

Brainuses are highly psionic quadrupeds with the build of a mastiff. They are hairless and eyeless with the main part of their body looking brainy. These creatures are intelligent predators, feeding on the psychic energy of others. They are usually neutral evil.

These creatures are really good at detecting sentient creatures. On Kreighton, they are raised on farms then sent to be lobotomized. This removes their predatory evil nature and turns them into a very useful "guard dog" that instead of smelling out intruders, can mentally sense the presence of other thinking minds.

On the other end of this mind to mind communication an ancient being stirs. He doesn’t move as he receives a tap to his brain. He recognizes its signature, a unique identification in every sentient thing. When it comes to you as a tap, it means let’s talk, mind to mind. Anything more than a tap is usually the prelude of a psychic assault like mental daggers, Scanner’s Mind Blow or Niras’s Scalpel, each a form of mental attack designed to put you out of action.

It was Scanner’s advances in mental surgery that allowed the captain to buy his four brainuses. Each a skilled mentalist, these brain-like headless quadrupeds were lobotomized, making them more friendly to those around them. Before doing Scanner’s methods, these hostile and predatory creatures were unownable, for they take great pleasure in killing other intelligent creatures as if it were a contest of wills.

- from the story of Raxcvillibus, "Godspawn - Chapter 1"

Security Sweep detect mental signatures in a 60' radiuscontinuous
Long Range Scout as the spell Wizard's Eye5/day