Iizbord Vasik

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesIcetable Drain, Amrochon
MapIizbord Vasik River

Iizbord Vasik begins at the eastern slopes of Rah Burdah. It is a slow meandering river that flows east through Gelok Himdah and then bends south, traveling hundreds of more miles until reaching the far southern coasts of Enkii Jusk. At the coasts, the river pours over the cliffs, becoming the waters of a great waterfall called the Tears of Kesserine.

One of the rune monoliths of Suldaan Mithil refers to this river by the non-Draconic name Amrochon. It says the river was named that in the Dawn Era after the ninth born child of Benevolence and Kesserine.