Sehkmora, Ukhilgam's First Harpy Queen

Ukhilgam is a sea cliff on the northwestern edge of the Clans. It came about in the Demon Spawn War, when the primordial Ingu'lumin opened his second rift to Chaos. When this unstable rift collapsed, it created the great sinkhole Zurukthûr, unleashing a shock wave. This caused powerful earthquakes and the collapse of a 120 mile section of Narbuzad's western seaboard. The land crumbled downward into the sea and into great piles of rubble making it nearly impassible except by crustaceans and sea spiders. The coastal seabed was blanketed with boulders and rocks for 4 miles. Since then, this sea area of jumbled rocks became a rich reef and into later ages a bountiful fishery for anglers out of Spirachiln and Grimmarsveinn. This has also attracted a large number of predators to the area like harpies, wyverns, sharks and other terrors on the wing and in the deeps.

Ukhilgam's cliff walls tower over the Nielalroch strait. They vary in height with the land behind it, ranging anywhere from a few dozen feet to a few thousand feet. As mentioned, the area is rich in predators, but also rich in wealth. The cliff is dotted with rubies and veins of platinum. Some have taken to scaling the cliffs to cut out gemstones but larger operations create structures descending the cliff with cranes and mining shafts following the veins into the bowels of Unaraggumak.

In 544, the Daklode city Lokumord came under attack by organized bands coming out of Ukhilgam. These raiders were a motley of races - goblins, orcs, ogres, hill giants, and even some dwarves. It was soon learned that these attackers were under the harpy's charm. They were too well organized and commanded to be under just individual harpies, so a force was sent out to gather intelligence. The few that made it back reported that a harpy queen named Sehkmora was the leader. They also said that she was much more powerful than a normal harpy with a priestly connection to Graz'zt and overpowering charming abilities. The conflict with Sehkmora became known as the First Harpy War. To date, Daklode has waged five wars with the harpies and malcontents of Ukhilgam.