RegionDhark Bolg
Founded22 Bloom 9349 GE

Rolipoon was founded in the God Era by Tragarans that once served under Lukoon. These Tragarans of the Krotoan army were relieved of their service to the angels and gods because of what happened in the Great Betrayal. As an additional punishment, Lukoon teleported them en masse to Gurutharni, which was then just a deep jungle. In this tangled forest with game and predators often the size of elephants they struggled to survive. In less than a year, their population fell by 10% as disease, predators and natural causes took their toll. When the Tragarans began building their homes high up in the trees, did they see their population stabilize and then grow. After a time, the network of homes and posts in the trees created a safe area beneath them. In these areas they built hardened settlements for forging, animal husbandry, ale-making, farming, and other things betters suited for the earth. The largest and longest-lasting of these settlements was Rolipoon.

For the rest of the Demon Spawn War, the Tragarans of Rolipoon and the others of Gurutharni worked against the demons in whatever way they could. They mainly served as a guerrilla force to protect their homes, and for some - help the angels and gods battling to keep Bal-Kriav from falling to the invading demon hordes.

In 446 LE, Rolipoon became the capital of the newly formed empire Tilnangau. Upon the formation of the empire, it had two major cities and many towns and villages scattered across Gurutharni and into the Nuralda hills.

In the Varelay Upheaval (2608 LE - 16 HE), Rolipoon began to sink into the deeps of Styming. It was during this time of suffering that people began falling under the sway of Blibdoolpoolp's cultists. They were preached the word of Blibdoolpoolp and promised divine protection and help. Those that accepted the cultist's pact began to change as the city slowly sank. They grew more like amphibians with each passing day until they became kuo-toans.

The city, slid into the mud and murk of the swamp, sliding towards the great whirlpool, on the last day as the city begin to drift into the whirlpool, the masses embraced the word of Blibdoolpoolp, and were blessed with the tools to live both on land and in the deeps.

- Nemerass, excerpt from the book "Rise and Fall of Tilnangau"

Most of Rolipoon sunk to the bottom of the lake and then disappeared completely, re-emerging in the the swampy underneath of Tiyaphis. The part that remained on the surface was largely submerged by the expanding swamp - one that greatly increased in size with the Varelay Upheaval.

In the Horgon Era, the yuan-ti built the settlement Phlem over the scattered surface ruins of Rolipoon. When Phlem expanded into the Underdark, miners broke into the tops of giant inverted ziggurats with each level linked by a very long, slow-moving canal. These led down into the ruins of a once great metropolis dotted with shrines and temples to Blibdoolpoolp. The kuo-toans were nowhere to be found.

Today, the upper levels of the ruin's ziggurats serve as homes for Phlem's poor citizenry.

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