Turam-Khâlu is a colossal mountain with a circumference of nearly fifteen miles and reaching a lofty elevation of 42,000'. Numerous forces roam the mountain trails, passes, and the honeycombed interior of this hotly contested peak. The interior of this mountain has been mined to the extreme; the cause of frequent cave-ins. The dwarves of Hjalmarbrodd compete with the Mîmêk for the peak's rich mithril veins. Many dangerous creatures, some large and organized raiding bands, roam the thousands of tunnels and caves. These creatures make prey of the continuous activity of these surface and Underdark dwarves. Several enclaves of desmodu also make their home in this mountain. These powerful humanoids sometimes help the surface peoples in their battles with the Mîmêk, derro, and other evils spilling out of Unaraggumak.