Harworb Line

OwnerPhorngoad Rail
Built1587 - 1592

The Harworb Line was the first railroad built as part of the Kibar-Kûn. It begins at the rail hub Bolnalmak, going southeast to the crag city Harworb. Built in the late 1500s, it is 90 miles long.

The most difficult part of this track's construction was the Tunzâr Span. Up until this time, no bridge crossed the Tunzâr for hundreds of miles in either direction. This made it a strategic asset, one that needed guarding. The bridge's massive pylons were built like castle towers, supporting the train bridge, one for foot-traffic, and inside big enough to support a garrison of thousands. To offset the grandeur of it all, Fargimdal engineer's knack for over-engineering, and general construction costs, Phorngoad Rail came up with a system of tolls. Fargimdal approved this measure in exchange for keeping a large garrison at the bridge.

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