Foroderch Cordon

OwnerBelras Foroderch, Khazarkar Empire
Built1302 -

The Foroderch Cordon is a series of massive towers spread across the islands and coasts of Erethor. They were built in the Second Epoch by Fjollaug's cyclops and others of the islands of Jolmgar. The magical additions to the towers were done by the arcanists of Belras Foroderch. The first two towers were built in the Voruth Anharr Project. In this project, the towers Anharr and Voruth were created to attract and redirect the magical emanations of COA 411, Bal-Kriav's Cube of Arcane. They were successful in their purpose, perhaps saving Skegjold from turning into a desert.

The structures that make-up the Foroderch Cordon were made to contain, manipulate and study the magical energy bleeding off the Cube of Arcane. The energy that seeps out of the Cube of Arcane is what caused the formation of Ice Cap, the cooking of Gludragh and the dangerous sailing conditions of the Forbidden Sea. The researchers at Belras Foroderch are the most active group in studying and dealing with the magical energies that course through these areas. They own the towers of Gjalldar and jointly own and manage the towers of Skegjold with the Khazarkar Empire.

Towers of the Foroderch Cordon
Anharr Skegjold
Gothaur Gjalldar
Maerfin Gjalldar
Netholth Gjalldar
Voruth1308 Skegjold
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