Typeheavy poleaxe
EnchanterKing Thjollod

In the Cinazan Front, a great battle was fought in the hills of Armânuk. During this battle, Queen Oggorknot Thjollod (c.f. Hlimi Kingdoms) was killed by special forces of the Khazarkar Empire. The fire giant queen's head was taken as proof of her death back to the general leading the Khazarkar defense of Armânuk. General Ginamlabar impaled the head on a pike and teased the enemy lines with it. When King Thjollod learned of the spectacle, he recklessly ordered an all-out charge on the lines of Hill 12. It is said that the King and Queen had one last kiss when he was impaled by the grisly pike. King Oggorknot bellowed out in an ancient tongue, invoking a primordial incantation on the poke and those around him. He was cut down by Khazarkar soldiers and stone giant mercenaries, but not before he felled more than 30 attackers. It is believed that the Queen's Head Pike was infused with some baleful energy by the King's pleading to Surtur for revenge. When the pike was removed from the dead king, it broke into two pieces. These two items mysteriously disappeared during the retreat of the Khazarkar armies to the east. The upper haft of the pike and blades became known as the poleaxe Oggorknot.

Oggorknot is a +5 flaming and knockback heavy poleaxe. It acquired its enchantment from the primordial incantation spoken by King Thjollod.

Flaming as weapon special ability flaming continuous
Queen's Grace +5 divine bonus to charisma continuous
Giant Sinews +5 divine bonus to strength continuous
Baptized in Fire as ring of major elemental resistance (fire) continuous
Knockback as weapon special ability Knockback continuous