Achamâz Medic

CategoryClass Tactics
Typeclass tactic

Achamâz Medic is a line of training that was developed by the Achamâz Hospitaller Core. In the Creation War, Achamâz served as a hospital and place of refuge for those fighting for the Nawirrûs Covenant. Since this place was under command of Phalgas, the Achamâz Medic became a class tactic focused on healing.

To take this class tactic, a character must have the ability to make turning attempts.

Ability TypeEffect
Healing Domaindomaincast healing spells at +1 caster level
Augument Healingfeatadd +2 hit points per level to the amount of damage healed
Domain Spontaneityfeatconvert non-healing domain spells into healing domain spells, this uses up a turning check and the spell being converted
Sacred Boostfeatconvert a turning check into positive energy which affects any creature within 60' receiving a heal spell, the spell is treated as Maximized spell without having to give up any additional spell slots
Achamâz Medicsynergygain a Faith Feat (Pious Defense, Pious Soul, or Pious Spellsurge) for free - see Complete Divine, pg. 86, when casting healing spells gain +5 on Concentration checks