Typecloning device
EnchanterMilûnâth, others

The first Clone Tank was built by the wizard-governor Milûnâth. It was made with technology taken from one of the Vaults of Ayaraigas. Milûnâth was a loyal subject of Tamlêrran, and servant of the Zenduram, so he turned over his invention to the government where it was turned over to the Department of Military Applications and Research.

Cloning Tanks are found in vast numbers at the military research labs of Githân-Phazân. These Cloning Tanks are much more advanced then the one described below. The Zenduram use Cloning Tanks to create soldiers for the Kamlêth-Girân.

A Clone Tank is a large device made of ten moss green deep crystal tanks built around a central obsidian tank. The tanks are interconnected by numerous pipes. When the device is activated, a milky white substance flows through the pipes and fills each tank. The central tank floats atop a pile of fungi. This fungi mass is sentient, sages call it the Fungi Collective. It must be fed crushed deep crystal to create a clone of the subject in central cloning tank. Along with other materials, each clone costs 2,000 gps to make.

Clone Tanks are expensive to built and operate. A typical Cloning Tank with ten cloning chambers costs 500,000 gps to build. They are not for sale and only one cloning tank has ever been stolen. This was done by the enigmatic hero X-Factor. She claims that her unit cannot be reverse engineered and that the secrets of making one of these marvels of magic, psionics, and fungal control are one of the realm's greatest inventions.

Create Clonecreates a clone of the creature lying in the central tank. Clones are one half the level of the subject in the central tank. Their wisdom is reduced by six and all other abilities are reduced by 1. They have a lifespan 10% shorter than their racial norm. Clones are independent and generally don't seek to eliminate other clones like them.10/week
Spore Spawn as a defensive measure the Fungi Collective can release 3-24 gas spores1/month