Classfrenzied berserker
Racestorm giant
Alignmentchaotic neutral

Fridi is a storm giant captain of the skyship Hurnfid. She is also head of the Beirgnar Fingil, the Storm Maidens. Her husband is Admiral Otroki. Fridi prefers to enter combat with two battle-axes. She is usually accompanied by a pair of Storm Maidens which defending her while she goes on the offensive.

His wife's family controls this road (the Hloding). It's the sole reason they were married: a power play to bring two powerful families together, one military-focused and the other merchant-focused. As fate would have it, they were a good match, even if it was a planned union.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Fridi has three daughters. The concern of Otroki and Fridi is they have yet to have a male heir. This is not a ruling heir, but a tradition of Gurnskolf's giants that goes all the way back to the time of the Aslauthroan empire, in that males of the family carry on the family name. The leadership of Aslauthroa, and today's Griddrir, is by either sex, but some of the most famous have been queens.

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daughtermarried to Bora-Fjol