TitleGunnery Captain
Alignmentchaotic neutral
Died9 Witchrite 1832

In the Cinazan Front, Cannonball served as the gunnery captain for all of the cannons of the Pillar of Horns. Knowing the Pillar's captain, Raxcivillibus, got him a slot on the Pillar's maiden voyage. They sat next to each other at Gholíms Deck as students, learning the ins and outs of skyships and voidships.

When the Pillar was heading north on business, the Pillar stopped in Paradomea City. In this city, Cannonball got a tattoo of a cannonball on his right cheek. This is not just a normal tattoo, but a magical one, with the wick of the cannonball glowing like the flame of a match when he chose to scratch it.

One of the things he wrote in Skyreaving 101 is that when engaging skyships, you want to avoid destroying or damaging their engines. These are often the most valuable pieces of ship equipment. On the opening day of Gholíms Deck, Cannonball gave a rousing nationalistic speech. "The Pact of Behemoths is upon us! Look up in the skies, and you may see a Deep Six battleship or a Giff League cruiser harassing our air space. Now look west, and imagine seeing across the waters of Thrawkrall. At its neck, where it joins with Salzârrâk, you will see Ivory Asylum's ships-of-the-line bullying our merchantmen, our lifeline to the outside world." Then, bringing his arms together over his chest, he continued, "We are caged like animals. The enemy claim that this is being done to stop our pirating, but we know it's to keep us down. They're afraid of our growing naval might, and our indefatigable emperor and his mighty generals. These generals, Galneus, Hoalek, Khandûr, Kuralda, and Eluinil, will be the first students, their first step to becoming the emperor's Skyreavers."

- from the Godspawn Saga

Cannonball died in the Battle for the Sphere.