Typebastard sword
Locationvaries, one with Niras Reev'f

Psi-Volts are +4 bastard swords crafted of a single piece of obsidian with a rod of deep blue crystal rising up through the blade forming a sharp spear like point; a shard of a broken Silver Mirror. Some Psi Volts are sentient; a product of the elder brain once trapped in the destroyed Silver Mirror.

The only group with the materials to make Psi-Volts are the Zisi-Nul.

Elder Brain Synapse100 PSP reservoir, used for invoking weapon properties and by the wielder for invoking their own psionic abilities, regenerates 3 PSP/hourcontinuous
Psychic Vampire Touch as the Psychic Vampire powerby touch, PSP reservoir
Psionic Scentas the Psionic Scent powerat will, PSP reservoir
Energy Conversionas the Psionic Energy Conversion power3/day, PSP reservoir
Energy Boltas the Energy Bolt power6/day, PSP reservoir