Typebastard sword
Locationvaries, one with Niras Reev'f

Psi-Volts are +4 bastard swords crafted of a single piece of obsidian with a rod of deep blue crystal rising up through the blade forming a sharp spear like point. This blue crystal is a shard taken from a broken Silver Mirror.

Some Psi Volts take on a sentience, attributed to the elder brain that was trapped in the destroyed Silver Mirror. Over time, these sentient Psi-Volts tend to drift towards lawful evil.

Psi-Volts are only forged by the Zisi-Nul. They are reserved for the unit's top officers or those who that have shown heroism in battle.

Elder Brain Synapse100 PSP reservoir, used for invoking weapon properties and by the wielder for invoking their own psionic abilities, regenerates 3 PSP/hourcontinuous
Psychic Vampire Touch as the Psychic Vampire powerby touch, PSP reservoir
Psionic Scentas the Psionic Scent powerat will, PSP reservoir
Energy Conversionas the Psionic Energy Conversion power3/day, PSP reservoir
Energy Boltas the Energy Bolt power6/day, PSP reservoir