CategoryGeographical Areas
RegionHells Womb

Bauru-Tûr is a geographic area of southern Hells Womb. During the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), this area was settled by Tragaran refugees. During the reign of Kal-Oni, the area had vast pastures and produced rich mineral reserves from the surrounding hills. In the Kal-Oni War, most of the towns, castles and the city Zayr were reduced to ruins. In the Second Epoch, the Black Tide rebuilt the ruined city and renamed it Ugidreth.

Today, the area holds numerous ruins of the Kal-Oneans and the Black Tide. Bauru-Tûr is haunted with ghosts of the fallen empires. Scattered among the ruins are thousands of burial mounds and graves. Some of these are said to be the location of an undead soldier of the Pitch Bone Legion.

The bone legionnaires wait the day, when powerful necromantic magic will raise them again to carry out the whims of Thasmudyan.