Gelomiiz Stov Soaked Boots

LocationSea of Mourning
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesSoaked Boots
MapEnkii Jusk

Gelomiiz Stov is a undersea mountain range of Enkii Jusk. The area's chaotically shaped mountains are like their land counterparts, Hokzii Stov, both shaped by exposure to the Chaos Malestrom. Geologistists ascertain that Gelomiiz Stov was once an extension of Enkii Jusk. One theory is that it broke off from the continent and sunk into the ocean. This was not a normal shifting of lands though, because the entire area remained intact when it settled at a depth of 2000'.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, the sahuagin city-state of Onai'gom was near the upper crux of these mountains. This place and its entire population were wiped off the map in the Fifth Thane War. This war was the last of the five wars between the sea elves of Merenwen and the sahuagin of Onai'gom. The sea elves used an ancient relic called Sathels Wrath to bring about this destruction of Onai'gom. At the location of where the city once was is a monument dedicated to all those lost in the city. Its construction was funded by wealthy citizens of Merenwen who were shamed by the utter annihilation of the place and its people.

Notable Areas
  • Onai'gom Monument