Brotherhood of Gith

CategoryCrack Units
LocationEye of Gith
Alignmentlawful evil
Symbolsword surrounded by positive energy

The Brotherhood of Gith began as an group dedicated to the story of Gith. They hoped that by doing so, they could gather enough followers, elevating Gith to the ranks of godhood. This Ascension was not to be, for it is said Gith refused the role, telling the proselytizers that he was spending time in the Nine Hells, paying off a debt that had helped save his people. Over the centuries that followed, the proselytizers turned to spreading the warrior-way of Gith, one said to be a master samurai psychic warrior, unmatched in the mortal realm and possibly even across the pantheon.

This elite fighting force is a unit of the Har'kish military. Over half the unit's members are psychic warriors, and the rest psions, mages and healers.

The unit employ a full range of Gith Lances and support artillery like energy cauldrons. Their heavy weapons include SM4Z Pos-Grenade Launcher which are mounted on drone giants.

Leadership of this group is often by an illrigger, black guard, or black flame zealot. All members are also psychic warriors.