PortDistance toPort
Moolowik125 milesAthroonds Camp
Athroonds Camp93 milesIlaleztice
Ilaleztice74 milesPargemor
South to North Ports of Call
RegionFaeglor, Miryeril
MapBuldapus River

The Buldapus channel begins 300' down from the cliff walls of Moolowik. A hundred years into the Lith-Crillion Era, needing more living space, Âkhi's state planners started an ambition project. They would tunnel from the depths of Blibdoolpoolp Bosom north for hundreds of miles, ending in the blackness of Lake Pargemor.

Built over thousands of years, secretly the Buldapus was met to keep the population busy. Burdened with overpopulation, Âkhi's thinkers sought to quell unrest through public projects. Bringing out the inherent evilness of the Kuo-toa, Âkhi's majority, the project turned into one of press gangs, and those sent to break rock on false charges. Those unhappy with conditions, or those in charge, off they went to Buldapus's infamous labor camps.

At the time of its construction, it was down slope of the crumbling walls of Moolowik. From there, 300' down from the lake's surface, it travels 110 miles. Much of this journey is underwater with pockets of caverns and commerce areas scattered every ten to fifteen miles. After passing under Athroonds Camp, it opens to caverns and fungal forests.

The fungal forests came with the river's advance north. It brought water to once dry caverns. With fields tended to by Mycondid serfs, farmers out of Moolowik put down plots. The empire nullified population controls. Long constrained by lack of resources, many forced to find a new home beyond the Toadoolp Twists, the Buldapus was the beginning of expansion time for the Âkhi.

- Maso'tut, earth elemental historian of Diatomite - "Lore of Buldapus"

Past the ruin of Ilaleztice, the channel continues north, entering Lake Pargemor through a forty foot diameter hole, one hundred feet underwater.

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