Battle of Izagûnê

Flux Pact VS Khazarkar Empire

The Battle of Izagûnê was a pivotal battle of the Cinazan Front. It was waged between the wetlands of Izagûnê and into the streets of Sapthiladân. It was the most epic battle of the age. Nearly a half a million creatures fought across this area for several days. All during this battle, creatures from Chaos spewed forth from the Entropy Arch inside Sapthiladân. They joined up with the Horde of Chaos and wave after wave of them charged into the lines of the Khazarkar defenses. The Batthurâk used their own horde army, employing legions of undead of the Imrinôn to break these attacks. When these were destroyed, they joined the thousands of other bodies scattered across the battlefield. The hordes of the Flux Pact then fought against the magic, psionics, and soldiers of the Khazarkar Empire and their tens of thousands of mercenaries.

The skies over the Battle of Izagûnê were filled with chaos rocs and flying chaos infused aberrations. These were met with the flying ships of the Milzôr-Munal, giff platforms and mercenary voidships like the Ba'lith battlehip Pillar of Horns.

At the height of the battle, the Pillar of Horns came through the area and blasted a path through the enemy ranks. The Batthurâk sent four legions of the Phalzimîn into this gap followed by heavy infantry.

Four giff platforms then followed the Pillar of Horns into the city and deployed ten Sôldanguk platoons along with a Stormgur legion. Among this group, was a crack unit possessing the Sig Mak Gan. They were covered by the Stormgur as they fought their way through the streets towards the Entropy Arch.