Vul Lom Dark Water

Water Nymph of Vul Lom
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasDark Water
MapKrein Jusk

Vul Lom is the largest lake of Krein Jusk. Much of it is an otherworldly liquid that came from the Abyss. As far as sustenance, it is equal to water, but it is darker and heavier. The lake is very deep, with its waters seemingly held in place in tunnels and caverns in the Underdark, defying the normal laws of water dynamics where liquids normally settle to the lowest level. In some areas, the dark blue liquid may cover a section of an area like a wall of water held in place by an unknown force. More intelligent creatures around these areas have grown accustomed to this and swimming through these walls of water to reach the dry connecting area on the others side. This strange property of the liquid to hold in place and not fill an area helped aquatic races like the aboleth and kuo-toa spread across a wide area of Yol Skerah and Vul Sahsir. The Underdark part of the lake is much bigger and generally referred to by the Abyssal word Eki'khas, which has the same basic meaning as the Draconic word Vul Lom, or Dark Water.

On the surface, rains, and the water coming down from Fusvok Mahrol float atop the dark Abyssal waters. The depth of the natural water varies by season, but typically ranges from 40' to 60' of natural water atop the alien waters.

Vul Lom is thought to have been created from a rift between Bal-Kriav and an Abyssal world. In the Demon Spawn War, Orcus controlled large tracts of the Aerie of Dragons. Little is known of what happened in this area, but some historians believe that a rival demon prince, perhaps Demogorgon, might have tried to interrupt Orcus's advance west by opening a rift and then sending demons in to attack his lightly defended areas in the rear.

From the surface of the lake to a depth of several hundred feet dwell water nymphs. These vile creatures are carnivores and prey as much on each other as others. Some are powerful spell-casters with minions dominated through witchery or otherwise "convinced" to do their biddings. The Water Nymphs of Vul Lom are alien to Bal-Kriav. They were brought over to this world when the rift was opened to the Abyss. They are outsiders, yet do not have the traits of a demon, though their temperament would make you think otherwise.

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