Pharminul - Skegjold

Pharminul is a foggy bay east of KhirrĂȘth. The bay has for as long anyone can remember been covered in a perpetual fog. This fog is a result of the vastly different temperatures between the unnaturally cold region of Ice Cap versus the temperate region of Cinazan and the warm currents of Erethor. This temperature differential is also the result of the stormy conditions of this area. Pharminul has many hidden shoals and reefs abundant with sea life. The water of the bay is fairly warm, only cooling considerably as you approach the looming ice walls of Rimac-Malc.

Pharminul is home to hundreds of water archon and storm archon. It is thought they are coming to this area from a periodically opening rift to the Cresting Spires.

Draguron tomes say that the area's chaos archons were summoned during their wars with the goliath and that a gate or two may exist in Pharminul's ancient aquatic ruins. When the Khazarkar Empire began settling in Cinazan, these archons were a constant menace. By the Third Epoch, the archons had suffered such losses that they were no longer a threat to the land settlements. They still pose a considerable threat of any sailing the northern waters of Cinazan and the southeastern coasts of Ice Cap.