Naggors Retreat

RegionHells Womb

This rugged evergreen forest borders the Gelugon Range, the Ogre Steps and the lowland forest of Gwaeldior. Naggors Retreat has long been a dangerous area. It is home to icy creatures that come out of Caina Nexus and dozens of firbolg tribes. The great wooden stockades of the latter are massive structures built with the magically hardened wood of the Steel Pines.

The place got its current name from the infamous firbolg Naggor Stormhand. Becoming a hero after the sacking of CelebriƤn, he went on to lead a 2,000 strong war band of firbolgs and Toomrur. His raids against Strumpktar and in the elven holds of Gwaeldior went on for nine years.

Each time that a large army was assembled to combat his forces, Naggor retreated into the tangled highlands, his troops scattering, only to regroup when the attackers gave up pursuit in a landscape where troop movements are often limited to defiles and animal paths.

After nine years of rapine, Naggor Stormhand's army ran out of luck. It was routed and all but destroyed by a CelebriƤn army. The army broke apart with Naggor and nearly a thousand fanatics heading west across the Chemosh Glacier.

- Cabalban, tragaran ranger serving the Council of Bile, excerpt from personal journal - "Tracking Naggor"