This blocky building is sited in Barun-Mitân. The personnel of this building perform surgeries, anatomical studies, experiments, and sell grafts. They also do the surgery for buyers. All of Limbwerk's medical staff are renown for their surgical skills and have been thoroughly background checked.

The eye stalks come from Grashakh. Have you been there? Well then, you may find this hard to believe, but the Githirmil are crafty buggers. They were ruled by this near-god named Blac'drugulois. This entity created a crèche to raise beholders. I don't know if it was his plan or one of the beholders serving him under the Court of One Hundred Eyes. The beholders are apparently born as vicious as their elders, they come out biting and until they learn how to use their eye stalks, you can bet there are causalities and mishaps. They say only one in five makes it to adulthood in the crèche. Well, somebody figured out that there is a market for beholder eye stalks and other parts. The Orchish Empire, or more likely a top few, make a lot of gold selling beholder parts. You can bet they encourage or turn a blind eye on crèche fighting.

- store clerk response to customer, "Where do the beholder grafts come from?"