RegionDhark Bolg, Ma'Ohari

Hen'khas is a term used to refer to the three volcanoes of Ma'Ohari and its underside Dhark Bolg.

During the reign of Aperoq, he saw fit to give areas of Tha'lith proper names. This was needed because old invasion maps listed them only as letters and codes. Varelay's demon emperor named the region's three volcanoes Arhi'phis, Verfaer, and Zathess. Each were named after a succubus concubine/assassin that had served him with distinction. Jokes were told of these volcanoes, but only by those bolstered with fool's courage or drink. Varelay had harsh laws, demon laws that could be changed on a whim. Jokes about the emperor's names normally carried a century of agony. It has been called the Eternal Torture, where one is brought to near death, then restored to good health with magic, then torture follows again. Some prisoners were even restored from death, brining them back to continue their agony.

The most faithful of Aperoq's harem overseers, one that saved him from assassinations on ten occasions, was named Hen'khas. When this servant of the court died in one of Varelay's Purges, Aperoq honored him by referring to the three volcanoes collectively as Hen'khas.

Hen'khas Volcanoes