RegionAerie of Dragons
MapKrein Jusk

Hergu'loon are hills of Krein Jusk. In each hill of this area are buried one or more kobolds. For this people of Sendaar Jusk, the Hergu'loon hills is sacred ground. They believe that those buried here go on to serve Kurtulmak in the afterlife. The name Hergu'loon was given to honor the kobold army that was wiped out here in the Demon Spawn War. In this conflict, Kurtulmak sided with the demons, employing his kobold armies alongside the demons under Orcus. He also sided with Tiamat when it was to his benefit. There came a situation where he had to pick a side, and he went with Orcus. Orcus's armies were falling back after a bitter defeat at the river Naas Horit, and Tiamat saw this as an opportunity to crush Orcus's retreating forces. Kurtulmak refused to side with here, instead choosing to hold his ground and retreat into Sendaar Jusk if the eastward advancing angelic armies marched against him. Tiamat, angered with this decision, sent her army against Kurtulmak's Hergu'loon Army. The kobold army was wiped out in hills that would be renamed in their honor.