Hergu'loon - Krein Jusk
RegionAerie of Dragons
MapKrein Jusk

Hergu'loon, hills of upper Krein Jusk were named for an army wiped out here in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE) . Having sided with the demons, Kurtulmak employed his Kobold army alongside those of the abyssal lord Orcus. When the demons were falling back after a bitter defeat at the river Naas Horit, the ex-Covenant general Tiamat saw an opportunity to crush Orcus's retreating forces. Kurtulmak broke from the retreating armies, holding the hills north of the swamps. Tiamat returned after scattering the demon army, nearly wiping out Kurtulmak's Hergu'loon Army.

In hill of this area are barrows for the Kobold that died fighting Tiamat's cause. For the kobold of Sendaar Jusk and Ashmerthoon, Hergu'loon is a sacred ground. They believe that those buried here go on to serve Kurtulmak in the afterlife.